Tuesday, October 30, 2007

News! - Pioneer release. The NEW digital mixer DJM700 does the job.

As the demand reaches its limits, we're most delighted to
discover the new digital mixer .. THE DJM 700, witch provides the sound quality of the DJM 800 and DJM 1000.
 You can connect midi devices, you have  49 assignables,
digital effects and a filter on the pre-out effects so you
can filter them. The DJM 700 allows DJ's to transmit euphorical musical flows using the great features it has.
 More details and videos on using 
and doin' tricks on DJM 700 is to be found here.

Check out this video on how to DJM 700:

What goes with the CDJ 1000 MK3 deck... what could be a "most best" match than The DJM 800 Digital Mixer

The DJM 800 Digital Mixer is the best choice if you are a pretentious dj. You can plug in 2 cd decks and 2 turntables, or you can make some room for your notebook so you can mix from it to. More info you can find here.

The Great Almighty - CDJ 1000 MK3

YESSSSS....This is the bessssst...this is the ONE tool that dj's shouldn't miss. It's the Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3, the digital deck you will
 dream about, then buy, then crack out the coolest remixezzz....
For more info click here

In the beggining there was the rhythm..

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