Monday, May 30, 2011

Octav Paul Podcast @ Romania

Another groove that makes you move into the wild, in any place that you can move your feet, sometimes making you want some more...

A preety nice selection of tracks, made by Octav Paul, and forged into a mixdown with Ableton Live.

More on Octav Paul:

Boosted by house music rhythms, he let's himself drifted in a musical journey each time he plays in front of the crowd. Either he is playing the classical way, with two cd-players, or he is using live-act equipment such as his laptop with Ableton Live running a symphony of sounds and effects, synthesizers and midi controllers, Octav Paul brings a surplus of magic in his mix.

Having the four to the floor mix structure from house music, he joints other styles like progressive house, deep and tribal house, and techno also, and concentrates on the swing of the groove of the tracks he's mixing.

He played the most in Bucharest in clubs like Studio Martin, Silver, Fabrica, Barocco, Temple, CocoLoco, Colorteca and in the rest of the country in Xen (Brasov), Opium Lounge (Braila), Daso Cado Targoviste).

Over to his music production side, after years of experimenting and learning what electronic music is, the results of his work came out with releases starting with 2008.


2008 - Hey! EP - MusicArena - Romania
2008 - Night Shift EP - MusicArena - Romania
2010 - Fast Nights 2010 - Dimpleman Records - Holland

2009 - Alexuuu, TDK - Otra Cosita (Octav Paul Remix) - Silver Screen Recordings
2010 - Smart Wave, Ciupy, Mihai Bejenaru - Y Files (Octav Paul Remix) - Minimo Records
2011 - Stewart McCarthy - Lucky No. 7 (Octav Paul Remix) - Solardish Records - Germany
2011 - Olivian Nour - Boracay (Octav Paul Remix) - Tzinah Records - Romania

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sambata 21 Mai 2011 @ No Name Timisoara

Wanna ride ?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Octav Paul - NEW REMIX for Olivian Nour - Boracay

Tzinah Records presents Olivian Nour, a young guy from Bucharest, who knows how to get your attention towards him and his ‘Boracay’ track, remixed by our friends – Sapriori, Zemtov, Javier Carballo and Octav Paul. This release is all about the Boracay feeling....

Octav Paul's remix is setting a warm sensation with his analog sounding bass and highs, and because of that, the track fits perfect in any night mood ambiance...

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