Saturday, July 27, 2013

New music 2013-2014!!! Coming from Djs or Youtube?

More and more I see this phenomena, regarding the appearance of new music that is shared between listeners on social media, coming mostly from some special youtube accounts that promote new mixes and new songs.

Back in the good days, the new music used to be heard only if you went to a club, or really searched for several days on some new artists promoting radio stations from around the world.

Now I listen to the radio, and I follow some events organisers, and they all go about what's trending on youtube. What is mostly played on youtube, is what people listen to, so that's what they are asking for ... so this is what radios and promoters get for the audience.  THIS SUCKS MAN!!

Well, I don't think that's quite normal. It's like in the army... the army has it's own style of clothing no matter the fashion trends of today. So, the radios and events organisers should also promote what's really good and keep looking for new artists that bring out the new in music, get that consistency in music, not just copy paste what youtube shows as recommended....

The effect is that music will be played for so many times in such a short period of time, you will get sick if you listen to it again. The more you share, the less value it has in the end....

What do you think of todays and upcoming new music and the ways it's broadcasted???

Thanks for reading!

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